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Branding Design

My skills in branding allow me to create business cards, logos and simple mascots in a variety of ways which emphasize their characteristics so your commission is completely unique from your competition - something that will make you and your company or game stand out from the crowd.


UI/UX Design

I can design user interfaces and icons both for general software and games. I do that with the user experience in mind, so the interface is not cluttered and is organized in a natural fashion so the users does not have to learn a usage book for your interface (looking from one side to another continuously for functions that should be next to each other is not desirable for any interface)


Large/Infinite Size

Most work is done in vector format or at least with vector smart objects. Even so, if working in vector format is not possible due to stylistic choices impossible in vector format, the default size of 2500x2500px (max sizes) is used with DPI 300 for printing purposes so the client does not lose quality.

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